Where can I buy a SLUSHIE MACHINE?
You can purchase the machine wholesale from http://www.fizzcreations.com/ or retail at any major high street gift supplier.


Do you need to buy the syrup?
Any drink with a high sugar level will work in the machine but we do recommend the official Slush Puppie syrups for the best results and flavours. How else will you get the iconic coloured tongue?
Ice Keeps freezing around the canister so it doesn’t move?
The blades must be turning before any liquids are poured into the machine. This will stop any ice forming before the machine starts to work. Another cause of this problem may be with the mixture. If the sugar level in the mixture isn’t high enough large blocks of ice can form and become hard to break down. The sugar in the mixtures will stop this from happening and allow the mixture to slush.
How much salt and ice is needed?
A small cap is provided with the machine to measure the amount of salt needed. This is only used in the central freezing canister and doesn’t come into contact with your slushie at any point.
Why is salt needed for this machine?
Adding to ice actually lowers the temperature of the ice. This is great when making Slushie as the ice canister will get super cold and freeze the Slushie mixture touching the canister. the blades then work on removing the ice that has formed with the end result being the perfect Slushie every time. the salt never comes into contact with your Slushie, that wouldn’t taster very nice at all!